A characteristic that combines all of the artists featured in my peep boards is the way people often approach their work with the dismisive comment: ‘I Could Do That’. I don’t think that this comment offends the artists because they knowingly use everyday, relatable objects to make a comment on life or expression of emotion.

Similarly talent shows like X-factor and the glamorisation of daily life in reality shows such as ‘The Only Way is Essex’, lead us to believe that ‘it could be us’. We could be the next star, they’re looking for us, be yourself and get famous doing it.

I thought this phrase would also work well as the title to my piece, because in using the peep boards, and placing their head into the existing image, the viewer becomes the artist visually.

I like the title because it’s playful and like the work itself, draws links to the treatment of contemporary artists and the phenomenom of celebrity culture.

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