For the immediate attention of the RSPCA

To whoever can stop this cruel injustice,

Last night (April 3) while watering my petunias before going to bed, at approx. 9.52pm, I heard next door’s conservatory door open and my young female neighbour’s voice calling her pet flamingo’s name (Flloyd). I thought nothing of this and went to refill my watering can, but stopped in my tracks as I heard piercing screams and squawks  from next door’s garden. As I stood on a plant pot to look over the fence I saw my neighbour walking away from the bird which she’d tied tightly by the legs to a wooden stump in the middle of the lawn. The bird definitely appeared to be in some distress, but I assumed my neighbour knew what she was doing. I’ve never seen her as a violent, sadistic personality in the past you see. So I finished my watering, fed the cat and went to bed.

It was only at 8am the next morning (April 4), while hanging out my washing, that I remembered what I’d seen previously and poked my head over the fence again. I was in total shock to see the poor creature still tied up and shivering, completely sodden with the heavy rain from last night. To think that the poor thing had been out in the cold all night turned my stomach. What is she doing to that innocent bird? I thought.  Not being a nosey neighbour and not wanting to poke my nose in; I didn’t approach my neighbour. But she came outside several times during the day to tighten the string binding the bird, but not to feed the starving pink beauty! Anyway I vowed to keep an eye out and even set up my Kevin’s video camera in the bathroom video to record this atrocity as proof!

The bird has now been outside, like waiting prey to the local foxes and cats, for 4 whole days now! My Fluffy even approached the bird, but I called him back sternly and told him not to be a naughty kitty; I’m a honourable pet owner myself you see.

Anyway I’ve decided that enough is enough and I’m writing in the hope that you’ll rescue this poor, innocent creature from the neglect of this callous, inhuman young woman as soon as possible!

Her name is Esther Burns of 585 Rochester Way, Eltham, London SE9 1RW. She’s only been back from university for a week for Easter. She’s obviously joined some sort of sick cult out in the valleys of Wales, or perhaps it’s that art degree she does? If she thinks she can bring her immorality to this neighbourhood she’s got another thing coming! I’ve also included photos from the video that illustrate the in horrors taking place as I write!

Please help

Joan Burton

583 Rochester Way

Eltham, London




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